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Introduction of new faculty 2022.10.1-2023.5.31

New Faculty Members

(DM) Materials Processing Section《2023.4.1~》
Professor TAGAWA, Miho

 I joined the Materials Processing Division of the Materials Creation Department on April 1, 2023. At the Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics, I have been conducting research on crystallization of nanomaterials by controlling the interaction between nanomaterials and precisely controlling their arrangement and higher-order structures, utilizing the self-assembling ability of biomolecules such as nucleic acids. My future research plans include the applications for sensing technology and device development using physical phenomena expressed from the higher-order structure of the nanomaterials. I look forward to working with you.

(CIRFE) Research Strategy and Joint Research Promotion Department《2022.10.1~》
Designated Professor FUJITA, Shizuo

 After retiring from Kyoto University, I was appointed to the Research Strategy Section on October 1, 2022. Under the "Next-generation Semiconductor Researchers Network (tentative name)" and centered on C-TEFs, I am participating in initiatives such as networking of research activities and trial production of new semiconductor devices. I have been researching various semiconductors starting with GaAs, and came across a semiconductor with a band gap exceeding 5 eV. The collaboration of this new material and C-TEFs is what I am strongly hoping now. I am looking forward to the co-works with many IMaSS staffs, so please give me a kind help.

Toyota Advanced Power Electronics Funded Research Division《2023.4.1~》
Designated Professor OGASAWARA, Satoshi

 I was appointed as a Designated Professor in Toyota Advanced Power Electronics Laboratory on April 1, 2023. I have been working on semiconductor power converters and its application, motor drive systems, and EMI/EMC of the power electronics apparatus. In this Laboratory, I will engage in research and development to technological advancement and noise reduction of the semiconductor power converters using next-generation power semiconductor devices such as GaN or SiC.

(CIRFE) System Applications Section《2023.4.1~》
Designated Professor SHIGEMATSU, Koichi Yamamoto Laboratory

  As of April 1, 2023, I have been appointed as a Designated Professor in the Yamamoto Lab., Center for Integrated Research Center for Future Electronics, Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability. Systems using power electronics technology have many application fields, such as electric vehicles, electric aircraft, data centers, and various researches are being conducted. I am particularly working in research using physical phenomenon modeling and system simulation technologies. The purpose is to understand the behavior of the entire system from various aspects and improve the technology by seamlessly handling many engineering fields such as loss, heat, stress, and electromagnetic, as well as conventional electricity. I’m looking forward to working with you.

MIRISE Technologies Advanced Power Electronics Industry-Academia Collaborative Chair《2023.4.1~》
Designated Professor NAGASATO, Yoshitaka

 On April 1, 2023, he have been appointed to the MIRISE Technologies Advanced Power Electronics Industry-Academia Collaborative Chair. I has been engaged in research and development of vertical GaN power devices at MIRISE Technologies Corporation. I hope to accelerate our industry-academia collaboration with the aim of the early practical application of GaN power devices, with more discussions and cooperation than ever with the researchers of Nagoya University and industry.


Toyota Advanced Power Electronics Funded Research Division《2023.4.1~》
Designated Associate Professor TAKAGI, Kenichi

 Hello! I'm Kenichi Takagi. I am pleased to join IMASS. I have been engaged in research and development of "semiconductor power conversion circuits" for hybrid electrir vehicles and electric vehicles at the TOYOTA central R&D INC., I would like to contribute the realization of carbon newtral with developing new circuit topologies using next generation semiconductor devices such as GaN FET and SiC MOSFET. Thank you.

(DS) Conversion Systems Section《2023.4.1~》
Assistant Professor ITOUYAMA, Noboru Kasahara Laboratory

 I have been appointed as an assistant professor in the Conversion System Division of the IMaSS, from April 1st, 2023. Until last year, I researched on the scientific understanding of high-energy reaction fields (high-temperature, high-pressure, and high-energy flux) including an innovative space propulsion mechanism using detonation phenomena of mixed gases, as a designated assistant professor in the same division. From this year, I would like to continue and expand the research, and also proceed with the consideration of the engineering and social utilization of high-energy reaction fields. Thank you for your continued support.

(AMTC) Nanofabrication & Characterization Section《2023.4.1~》
Designated Assistant Professor HONDA, Anna Kato Laboratory

 Hello, I am Anna Honda. I joined the Nanofabricaction & Characterization Section of the Advanced Measurement Technology Center on the 1st April as a Designated Assistant Professor. I have been technically supporting on nanomaterial processing and nanofabrication to inside and outside academic researchers as well as users industry through the Advanced Research Infrastructure for Materials and Nanotechnology (ARIM) project. In addition to this, I have been focusing on my study related to the understanding of point defects in GaN crystal and proposal of new measurement methods. I hope contribute to the activation of R&D environments in Japan. Thank you.


(CIRFE) International Research Section《2023.4.1~》
Designated Assistant Professor YANG, Xu Pristovsek Laboratory

 Starting from April 1, 2023, I was appointed as the Designated Assistant Professor at Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics (CIRFE), Institute of Materials and Systems for Sustainability (IMaSS). My research has been focusing on the growth of extreme semiconductor materials and the study of related physics for realizing advanced device technologies. At IMaSS, I will particularly conduct research on the development of new semiconductors of phosphorus-containing AlN and AlPN-based heterojunctions. This study is dedicated to both creating better materials and fabricating ultrahigh-efficiency high-frequency high-power devices, which eventually contribute to next-generation communication technologies used in future smart society. By means of the excellent research platform of IMaSS, I look forward to the opportunity to exchange ideas and collaborate with more brilliant scientists and engineers.

(CIRFE) Device Innovation Section《2023.4.1~》
Designated Assistant Professor LIU, Xin Ujihara Laboratory

 From April 1, 2023, I joined the Center for Integrated Research of Future Electronics, Ujihara Laboratory as a Designated assistant professor. Previously, I have focused on the simulation and optimization of crystal growth processes for semiconductor materials. The mechanism of crystal growth is deeply related to flows, heat, and mass transportation inside the growth furnace. By combining numerical simulations of multi-scale, multi-physics fields with machine learning and process optimization algorithms, we can significantly shorten the development and optimization cycle of crystal growth processes. In the future, I will work on multi-scale modeling and optimization of SiC crystal growth from solution. The target is to analyze the formation mechanism of SiC crystal surface morphology and contribute to the realization of large and high-quality SiC crystal growth.