The Future Materials and Systems Laboratory (hereinafter "the Institute") recognizes that respecting and protecting personal information is an important obligation, and as to the handling of personal information the following protection policy I will decide.

  1. Our laboratory maintains and manages personal information which we collected safely.
  2. Our laboratory strictly handles personal information protection and proper management.
  3. Our laboratory will not collect personal information without consent. In addition, we will collect within the range necessary to provide the service.
  4. Personal information is strictly managed by our laboratory and we will prevent information security measures to prevent leakage of personal information and prevent it.
  5. Regarding personal information of you, we will deal promptly when the person requests disclosure, correction, stop, deletion etc.
  6. Our laboratory continuously maintains and improves protection of personal information.
  7. For any other inquiries about protection of personal information, please contact our laboratory.