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Introduction of new faculty 2023.7.1-2023.12.31

New Faculty Members

(CIRFE) System Applications Section《2023.10.1~》
Designated Associate Professor YONEZAWA, Yu  Yamamoto Laboratory

 I am engaged in the development of high-efficiency power conversion circuits utilizing GaN & SiC power semiconductors based on my experience in research and development of power supplies at an ICT-related manufacturer. The new power semiconductors are expected to revolutionize the design of electric vehicles with their low loss and high-speed characteristics, on the other hand, new issues such as noise generation, changes in failure modes, and changes in cooling methods are emerging. I will conduct research and development on these issues from the viewpoint of a circuit researcher and will work to disseminate and educate the applied technology of new devices.

(DM) Materials Design Section《2023.7.1~》
Designated Assistant Professor QIANG, Bowen  Mizuguchi Laboratory

 In recent years, magnetic skyrmions with a topological spin structure have garnered attention as next-generation spintronics materials due to their nanoscale size and the generation of substantial effective magnetic fields in physical space. On the other hand, in the field of spin caloritronics, skyrmions are still in their infancy, and I believe they hold significant value and potential for applications in thermoelectric conversion. I am actively conducting research, focusing on the thermoelectric effects of skyrmions, with the aim of achieving high-efficiency thermoelectric conversion.


MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL GaN Substrate Devices Industry-Academia Collaborative Chair《2023.9.1~》
Designated Assistant Professor HIROSAWA, Takuya

 From September 1, 2023, I joined Mitsubishi Chemical GaN Substrate Devices Industry-Academia Collaborative Chair as a designated assistant professor. I was involved in research on the production of high-quality GaN single crystals by using the hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) method at Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. In this research department, I am conducting research with the aim of investigating the correlation between the substrate quality of GaN substrates and device characteristics, and clarifying the crystal quality and characteristics required for high-quality GaN substrates that will serve as the foundation for new device structures.