High-Voltage Electron
Microscope Laboratory

Director / Professor

MUTO, Shunsuke

Nagoya University has seen prolific, world-leading research in the field of high-voltage electron microscopy in Japan since the construction of a 500 kV electron microscope in 1965. In particular, the 1000 kV Reaction Science High Voltage Scanning Transmission electron microscope, installed in 2010, facilitates the observation of reactions and phenomena occurring in gaseous environments, aiding in the research and development of environmental and energy-related materials. This microscope can significantly contribute to the field of greeninnovation research. The laboratory operates as an open research facility for all researchers of Nagoya University. Joint initiatives with other universities, research institutes, and industries are welcomed as part of our aim to become an international center for electron microscopy.


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  • Director, Professor

    MUTO, Shunsuke
  • Professor

    IKARASHI, Nobuyuki
  • Associate Professor

    KUWAHARA, Makoto
  • Vice-director of the Center, Professor

    SAITOH, Koh
  • Professor

    YAMAMOTO, Takahisa
  • Associate Professor

    NAGAO, Masahiro
  • Designated Associate Professor

    ARAI, Shigeo
  • Lecturer

    OHTSUKA, Masairo