Awards List


Past Awards


IWN2018 Student Award

Date: 2018/11/16
Winner: Shigeyoshi USAMI
Title: Screw dislocations and nanopipe generation in a MOVPE-grown homoepitaxial layer on freestanding GaN substrates and the electrical influence on vertical p−n diodes

IEICE WBS Student Paper Award

Date: 2018/10/12
Winner: Masayuki KINOSHITA
Title: Simplified Vehicle Vibration Modeling for Image Sensor Communication

The 79th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2018 Poster Award

Date: 2018/10/01
Winner: Eiji Ikenaga
Naoki Tanimoto
Aiko Nakao
Naoki Kanayama
Satoshi Ogawa
Shinya Yagi
Title: Electronic States of Au Nanoparticle-Dispersed Solution by Hard X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy with Ambient High-Pressure Liquid Cell

Gold Medal of Comenius University in Bratislava

Date: 2018/9/19
Winner: Hiroshi AMANO

The 29th Annual Conference of Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management Excellent Research Award for International Session

Date: 2018/09/13
Winner: Jinjing Luo
Yasuaki UEKI
Title: Case study on removal of heavy metals from waste incineration fly ash by acid leaching method

IEEE VTS Tokyo Chapter 2018 Young Researcher's Encouragement Award

Date: 2018/8/28
Winner: Hiroki YANAI
Hiraku OKADA
Kentaro Kobayashi

National Academy of Inventors Fellow

Date: 2018/4/5
Winner: Hiroshi Amano

Best Poster Award

Date: 2018/3/23
Winner: Takeyoshi Kato
Tasuku Murase
Muneaki Kurimoto
Yusuke Manabe
Toshihisa Funabashi
Title: Modelling of Aggregated Power Output of Photovoltaic Power Generation in Consideration of Smoothing Effect of Power Output Fluctuation around Observation Point

SiliconPV Award

Date: 2018/3/21
Winner: Yusuke Hayama
Tetsuya Matsumoto
Tetsurou Muramatsu
Kentaro Kutsukake
Hiroaki Kudo
Noritaka Usami
Title: 3D Visualization and Analysis of Dislocation Clusters in Multicrystalline Si Ingot by Approach of Data Science

11th International Symposium on Atomic Level Characterizations for New Materials and Devices '17 Excellent Presentation Award

Date: 2017/12/5
Winner: Takafumi ISHIDA
Title: Development of a voltage applying and heating specimen holder for observation of solid oxide fuel cell's reactions in environmental TEM

Best Poster Presentation Award

Date: 2017/11/24
Winner: J. Kang
T. Mitsuhashi
K. Kuroda
M. Okido
Title: Electrodeposition of Ga from GaCl3 in DMSO bath and influence of NH4NO3

Optics 2017 Young Researcher Award

Date: 2017/11/17
Winner: Ousmane I BARRY
Title: Growth and characterization of homoepitaxial m-plane GaN on native bulk GaN substrates: prospects of next-generation electronic devices

Award for Outstanding Presentation

Date: 2017/11/8
Winner: Takashi Hattori
Masakuni Ozawa
Masatomo Hattori
Title: Preparation and catalytic behavior of CeO2 nanoparticles on Al203 crystal

Excellent Poster Award The 4th International Symposium on Hybrid Materials and Processing (HyMaP 2017)

Date: 2017/11/7
Winner: Yasuki Goto
Yota Kamebuchi
Takeshi Hagio
Yuki Kamimoto
Ryoichi Ichino
Takeshi Bessho
Title: Electrodeposition of Copper/Carbonous Nanomaterial Composite Coatings for Heat-Dissipation Materials

Green Talents Award

Date: 2017/10/27
Winner: Marquez Gian Powell Bontigao
Title: Thalassic Biogas Production

ECCE2017 Student Travel Grants Award

Date: 2017/10/5
Winner: Mostafa Noah
Title: A Lagrangian dynamics model of integrated transformer incorporated in a multi-phase LLC resonant converter

Outstanding Presentation Award of International Conference on Materials and Systems for Sustainability 2017

Date: 2017/10/1
Winner: A. Kusaba
Y. Kangawa
P. Kempisty
K. Shiraishi
K. Kakimoto
A. Koukitu
Title: Thermodynamic Modeling of GaN MOVPE: Contribution of Surface State

Outstanding Presentation Award(International Conference on Materials and Systems for Sustainability 2017)

Date: 2017/10/1
Winner: Yuki NOMURA
Title: In situ TEM observation of the charge/discharge reaction at LiCoO2/solid-electrolyte interfaces

iLIM-2 Encouragement presentation award

Date: 2017/9/30
Winner: T.Maruhashi
Title: Synthesis of organic-inorganic hybrid hollow nanoparticles for gene delivery

Encouragement presentation award(iLIM-2)

Date: 2017/9/30
Winner: J. Kitazawa
Title: Antibacterial and hydrophilic properties of anodized Ti-Ag alloy

Student Poster Award The 14th International Symposium on Persistent Toxic Substances (ISPTS 2017)

Date: 2017/9/27
Winner: Hiroto Kunishi
Takeshi Hagio
Yuki Kamimoto
Ryoichi Ichino
Title: Selective synthesis of high adsorption capacity sodium titanate for treatment of wastewater containing toxic cation

ICSCRM2017 Student Poster Award

Date: 2017/9/22
Winner: Fumihiro FUJIE
Title: Direct Observation of Stacking Faults Expansion in 4H-SiC at High Temperatures by In Situ X-Ray Topography

SSDM2017 Young Researcher Award

Date: 2017/9/20
Winner: H.Shirakawa
Title: Multi-level Operation of a High-speed, Low Power Topological Switching Random-access Memory (TRAM) Based on a Ge Deficient GexTe/Sb2Te3 Superlattice

E/PCOS 2017 Best Poster Award

Date: 2017/9/5
Winner: H.Shirakawa
Title: The atomic configuration of the GeTe/Sb2Te3 Superlattice with bandgap

IEICE RCS Young Researcher Award

Date: 2017/6/23
Winner: S.Kamegawa
T. Yamazato
H, Okada
T. Fujii
S. Arai
T. Yendo
K. Kamakura
Title: A Comparison of Transmission Methods to Accelerate Data Rate for Image Sensor Based Visible Light Communication in Intelligent Transport Systems

The Japanese Society of Microscopy Award for the Scientific Paper (FUNDAMENTALS) in 2017

Date: 2017/5/31
Winner: Jun Yamasaki
Michihiro Muto
Shigemasa Ohta
Syuichi Yuasa
Shigeo Arai
Katsuhiro Sasaki
Nobuo Tanaka
Title: Analysis of nonlinear intensity attenuation in bright-field TEM images for correct 3D reconstruction of the density in micron-sized materials

IEEE AP-S Nagoya Chapter, MTT-S Nagoya Chapter Midland Student Express 2017-Spring 2017 Student Award

Date: 2017/4/28
Winner: Kenya Ikeda
Title: Measurement of power-line impedance in large scale building and evaluation of effects on narrow-band power-line communication

IEEE Nagoya Section Conference Presentation Award

Date: 2017/4/1
Winner: Takashi Ogura
Title: A study on H-infinity controller design considering the influence of packet loss as a disturbance

The 64th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2017 Poster Award

Date: 2017/3/17
Winner: Takafumi Suzuki
Daiki Ito
Maki Kushimoto
Manato Deki
Shugo Nitta
Yoshio Honda
Hiroshi Amano
Title: Mirror of end surface of Laser on semipolar (1-101) GaN stripe crystal on Si substrate

The Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Graphene Research Society Young Scientist Poster Award

Date: 2017/3/2
Winner: Takuya Ushiyama
Title: Novel method to detect dopamine with high sensitivity based on adsorption onto carbon nanotube surface

Society Awards of The Japan Institute of Energy

Date: 2017/2/28
Winner: Ichiro Naruse
Title: Study on elucidation of reaction, pollutants and ash behaviors during solid fuel combustion / gasification

Award of excellent poster presentation at the 8th ICERD

Date: 2017/2/25
Winner: Thipphachanh Souphihalath
Kiichiro Hayashi
Makoto Ooba
Wataru Kobayashi
Title: Spatial Assessment of Land Cover Change and Ecosystem Services from a Case Study in Savannakhet Province, Laos

Nanotechnology Platform Japan Best Technical Skill Award 2016

Date: 2017/2/17
Winner: Shigeo Arai
Title: Supports of the study using Reaction Science HVEM

Best Student Paper Award

Date: 2017/2/8
Winner: Sebastian Khoete
Yusuke Manabe
Muneaki Kurimoto
Toshihisa Funabashi
Takeyoshi Kato
Title: Robust H-infinity Control for DFIG to Enhance Transient Stability during Grid Faults

Award for Encouragement of Research in the 26th Annual Meeting of MRS-J

Date: 2016/12/21
Winner: Shota YAMADA
Koichiro HAYASHI
Toshinobu YOGO
Title: Preparation of Red Blood Cell-like Particles with Ability to Avoid Accumulation in the Lungs

2016 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2016) Student Paper Award

Date: 2016/11/30
Winner: Yasuo Nakashima
Title: Effect of a Root-Raised-Cosine Filtered BPSK Signal on a Stochastic Resonance Receiver

The 7th A3 Symposium on Emerging Materials, Excellent Poster Award

Date: 2016/11/2
Winner: Tomohiro Yasunishi
Title: Voltage generation by movement of electrolyte solution with high-quality carbon nanotube thin film

Scientific Award of Polish Society for Crystal Growth of the 2016

Date: 2016/10/19
Winner: KEMPISTY Pawel

photo contest award the 18th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy

Date: 2016/8/11
Winner: Masaki Matsumoto
Title: Morphology of AlN whiskers grown by reacting N2 gas and Al vapor

PHOTO CONTEST AWARD in The 18th International Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy

Date: 2016/8/11
Winner: Yoshihiro Kangawa

Best Paper Award (Socioeconomics category) of "Expressways and Automobiles"

Date: 2016/6/8
Winner: T.Miwa
Title: Analysis on expressway toll for congestion mitigation in road networks with surface road

Editor's Choice Certificate

Date: 2016/5/28
Winner: Yu Yamamoto
Kunimitsu Kataoka
Junji Akimoto
Kazuyoshi Tatsumi
Takashi Kousaka
Jun Ohnishi
Teruo Takahashi
Shunsuke Muto
Title: Quantitative analysis of cation mixing and local valence states in LiNixMn2-xO4 using concurrent HARECXS and HARECES measurements

Excellent presentation award, The 65th academic meeting of the Society of Materials Science, Japan

Date: 2016/5/28
Winner: Ando
Title: Preparation and hydrogen storage properties of Pd-based composite nanoparticles

APMC11 Best Presentation

Date: 2016/5/26
Winner: Tadahiro Kawasaki
Kaname Yoshida
Takafumi Ishida
Takayoshi Tanji
Title: Visualization of Active Reaction Sites on Gold Nanoparticulate Catalysts

Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy Award for Distinguished Achievements in Research

Date: 2016/5/25
Winner: M.Ozawa
Title: Materials reserach for environmental impovement through microstrucural control and its performance advance

Paper Award of LEDIA'16 Young Researcher's Paper Award

Date: 2016/5/20
Winner: S.-Y. Bae
Title: Controlled Growth of Highly Elongated GaN Nanorod Arrays on AlN/Si Templates by Pulsed-Mode Metalorganic Vapor Deposition

Best poster presentation award in 2016 spring annual meetings of Japan Insititute of Matlas and Materilas

Date: 2016/3/25
Winner: T.Karai
Title: Preparation and acharacterization of thin films via CeO2 nanoparticles

IEICE Young Researcher's Award

Date: 2016/3/17
Winner: Hiroya TANAKA
Title: Performance Evaluation of Stochastic Resonance Receiver in BPSK and OOK Modulations

2015 IEEE DEIS Japan Chapter Student Best Paper Presentation Award

Date: 2016/3/16
Winner: Hiroya OZAKI
Title: Design of Layered Permittivity Graded Material and Reduction of Surface Field Enhancement by Dielectric Coating

IEEE Nagoya Section Student Paper Award

Date: 2016/01/20
Winner: Yosuke Miwa
Title: A study on variable length error correction coding of state information in wireless feedback control systems

2015 APS Fellows

Date: 2015/12/06
Winner: Hiroshi Amano

Outstanding Presentation Award (International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2015)

Date: 2015/11/29
Winner: S. Ike
O. Nakatsuka
Y. Moriyama
M. Kurosawa
N. Taoka
Y. Imai
S. Kimura
T. Tezuka
S. Zaima
Title: X-ray Microdiffraction Characterization of Local Strain Distribution in GeSn/Ge Nanostructures

Outstanding Presentation Award (International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2015)

Date: 2015/11/29
Winner: H.Hirose
Title: Oxygen evolution behavior by temperature programmed reduction profile of ceria based catalysts

Outstanding Presentation Award (International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2015)

Date: 2015/11/29
Winner: H.Nambubr

Outstanding Presentation Award (International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2015)

Date: 2015/11/29
Winner: T. Asai
M. Kurimoto
F. Komori
T. Kato
T. Funabashi
Y. Suzuoki
Title: PD Deterioration Characteristics of Power Capacitor Film Exposed by Closed Void Discharge

Outstanding Presentation Award (International Symposium on EcoTopia Science 2015)

Date: 2015/11/29
Winner: N. Ozawa
K. Hayashi
W. Sakamoto
S. Yamaura
W. Zhang
T. Yogo
Title: Synthesis of Inorganic-organic Hybrid Membranes with Phosphonic Acid and Titanium Oxide

IWDTF Young Paper Award

Date: 2015/11/04
Winner: Yuki Nagae
Shigehisa Shibayama
Masashi Kurosawa
Masaaki Araidai
Mitsuo Sakashita
Osamu Nakatsuka
Kenji Shiraishi
Shigeaki Zaima
Title: Evaluation of Energy Band Structure of Si1-xSnx by Density Functional Theory Calculation and Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Appreciation for International Liaison in SmartGridComm

Date: 2015/11/03
Winner: Masaaki KATAYAMA
Title: Smart Grid

2015 Asia Game Changers

Date: 2015/10/13
Winner: Hiroshi Amano

ICSCRM2015 Student Poster Award

Date: 2015/10/08
Winner: Wang Zhenjiang
Title: Distribution of nitrogen doping concentration in 4H-SiC grown by solution method